Innovative people solutions for your company

We are passionate about finding new ways to solve your old problems. We have developed a fresh approach to Human resources management, Non profit executive search, and team dynamics.

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Full-Service HRM Firm

Smaller companies have real human resource needs without a big company budget. Now you can leverage a team of human resource professionals to ensure that you are compliant and creating the best company culture at a fraction of the cost. We understand the local market and are ready to meet the unique needs of the Pittsburgh area. We put fries on our sandwiches here too.

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Nonprofit Executive Search

Nonprofits have a unique criteria when finding their next executive director or senior management team member. Our combination of nonprofit  experience and behavioral analytics helps us produce a high quality match to ensure you get the best candidates that align with your organization's mission, and culture.

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ASD Employment Program

We are creating pathways to independence and inclusion for adults on the autism spectrum by impacting both the societal and economic issues that this population experiences. By assisting ASD adults with sustainable employment opportunities and educating employers we are reducing unemployment among ASD individuals, and improving the quality of life for this underserved population.

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HR Solutions for Small Businesses

Subscription-Based HR Support. Our HR Advisor service includes making your company compliant with federal, state and local laws, employee handbook, talent optimization, hiring and termination support,  benefits administration, and more!

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